Adaptive Facials

PRIORI skin services are adapted to all skin concerns, condition and needs, individual, as no 2 skins are the same on any 2 days. Following a thorough analysis to decode your skins requirements your PRIORI expert will devise a specialised facial treatment adapted to your needs and desires. All you need to do is choose the length of time you have to spare!

Multilayer Peel 30 Min £40/45 Min £55

A multi-layer no peeling peel utilising Latic, Glycolic, Citric and Salicylic Acid along with 4 vitamin skin essential antioxidants to exfoliate, hydrate and brighten the skin. Improve your skin texture, skin conditions, improve cell turnover, hydrate and volumize the skin and have a multi-layer exfoliation skin improvement.

Superceutical Peel 30 Min £50/45 Min £65

An antioxidant-rich 30% Latic Acid peel to give hydration, skin renewal and illuminating results. Due to the % of Latic Acid, this will really improve the hyaluronic response and also boost collagen so will give a beautiful result to all skins.

60 Min £70

A treatment with the WOW factor that provides dramatic and visible results while achieving skin rejuvenation with improved elasticity, texture, tone and clarity. Relax and lose yourself in a wealth of massage plus unique innovative skincare results! Includes a hand and arm peel treatment – you will awake feeling refreshed, restored with youthful-looking skin. The ultimate indulgence. Your skin. Uncovered.


  • For you to see ultimate results, you can acclimatize to PRIOR skincare products at home for two weeks prior to your first peel procedure and maintained as your ongoing homecare routine.
  •  Avoid using clay masks, scrubs or additional exfoliating agents for at least 48 hours prior to each procedure.
  •  Do not use self-tanning agents for at least 48 hours priori to each procedure.
  •  Do not use Retin-A or other similar Vitamin A compound for at least 48 hours prior to each procedure.
  •  The Priori peel procedure will not be preformed if a breakout of cold sore, fever blisters or herpes is present anywhere on the face prior to the procedure.
  •  The Priori peel procedure should not be performed on sunburn skin.
  •  Do not have facial hair waxed within 48 hours before a skin peel application.
  •  If you have recently undergone any other facial procedures, such as microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, Botox, skin fillers, facial plastic surgery, etc…., skin must be completely healed and normalised prior to receiving a PRIORI peel.


  • Generally, makeup can be applied immediately after each Priori peel procedure.
  •  Avoid exercise for at least a few hours after each procedure.
  •  Avoid direct sun exposure; a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher should be used daily throughout the entire PRIORI peel program. We recommend Tetra fx250
  •  Be mindful following a PRIORI peel before resuming the PRIOR home skincare products. If irritation occurs, do not resume use of PRIORI home care products until the skin has normalised.
  • Do not use Retin-A or any other simialr Vitamin A compound for at least 48 hours after a PRIORI peel, unless directed.
  •  Facial hair should not be waxed for 48 hours after a PRIORI peel.
  • Avoid the use of steam, saunas, hooded hairdryers, etc for 8 hours following a PRIORI peel.

Made For Life

Made for Life Organics is full of natural botanicals, created to nurture you with the purest organics packed with active ingredients from the wild world.

Mini Spa Facial
30 Min £35

Treat your skin to pampering with this mini treatment that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised with emphasis on exfoliation and hydration.

Radiance Facial
60 Min £65

A facial treatment designed to eliminate congestion returning normal moisture to the skin. This treatment restores natural luminosity to the skin, leaving you looking and feeling radiant.

Uplifting Facial
75 Min £75

Surrender your senses for the ultimate relaxation while the muscles in the face are re-trained by expert hands, invigorating the cells within the dermis for regeneration and repair. Uplift your skin, mind and soul.

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