LVL Lash Lift £49

Created exclusively by Nouveau Lashes, the LVL Lash Lift is the revolutionary natural lash treatment taking the beauty industry by storm.

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How does it work?

By straightening your natural lashes at the root and then tinting them, the LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. No mascara. No messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.

How long will it take / last?

Around 45 minutes with an expert LVL lash technician. It’s a closed-eye procedure too. Relax. Time for a power nap. You’re then set for up to 6-8 weeks.

Will it damage my natural lashes?

We’re the undisputed authority in lash care. So you can be assured that our LVL products have been specifically formulated and tested to prevent damage to your lashes.

What aftercare is involved?

LVL is so low maintenance so other than a regular lick of our nourishing Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum, you could say goodbye to mascara for good!

Can I have a LVL lash treatment if I’m pregnant?

Due to changes in hormones in pregnancy we recommend not having LVL.
Nouveau Lashes

Never had LVL Lashes with us?
We do require you to come in and pick up a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Pre-Treatment Advice

Is Pre-Treatment Lash Advice Important?

YES! If pre-treatment advice isn’t followed, it could affect the result and longevity of your lash treatment. And who wants that? Not us! Although, we do know what it’s like to book a lash appointment straight after work, forgetting your lash technician’s advice to not wear mascara or use oily products on the day of your treatment. If you usually wear eye makeup, this could be a dilemma. Leading you to think ‘Surely mascara won’t affect the treatment *that* much?!’ It’s important to know, your lash technician isn’t providing the pre-treatment advice for their benefit.

24 hours prior to treatment:

  • Do not wear water-proof mascara
  • If you have had a spray tan, ensure guide colour is washed off

On the day of treatment:

  • Do not wear mascara
  • Do not have a spray tan
  • Avoid applying oily products on your lashes or around your eyes
  • Contact lenses must be removed prior to the treatment, for this reason we recommend glasses are worn

We share this advice to ensure all Nouveau Lashes’ clients get the best results possible.

Positives of following the Pre-Treatment Advice

It can reduce treatment time. Applying water-proof mascara will lengthen the cleansing process for your lash technician, as they’re unable to use oil-based eye makeup remover – adding to the total treatment time.

It can help the longevity of the lash treatment results. Eyelashes kept in their natural and bare state 24 hour prior to a treatment will achieve better results, as there is no residue interfering with the treatment products.


If you don’t want to go eye make-up free at work, why not book a weekend morning lash appointment instead? That way you can nip straight to the salon. But we’re all about self-confidence! So, break the mould. Chances are everyone will admire your fresh-faced beauty. You go girl.

Looking for a quick, reliable product to sweep away your make-up? We recommend our Gentle Eye Makeup Remover on natural eyelashes prior to treatment. If you want an extra deep cleanse, then our Lash & Lid Foaming Cleanser is the one for you, they will provide a thorough cleanse ready for your lash treatment.

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